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Ajani Williams

Can you hear the music?

Art is subjective. Its form changes across each scenario and culture, taking the shape of different

outlets, such as mine; photography. Photography to me is a way to create one’s perfect utopia through a lens. A way to express thoughts without speaking and entire stories in one frame. For me, the theme of Shadow and Light brings about the imagination of sorrow (shadow) and freedom (light). While taking this photo I was imagining silence. A world noiseless and dark where a lone girl holds an orb that emits music.

Music loud enough to pierce holes in the shadow, but so quiet and barely noticeable to ears starved of its calming embrace. As she takes in the flow and rhythm of the music, it becomes louder and light begins to shine upon her body slowly eating away at the shadow. This metaphor is a reference to reality, where we as humans close ourselves off to opportunity, deciding to stay in our comfort zone rather than listening to the music and opening our eyes to the light. I ask, Can you hear the music?


Anick Melkoumov

Aching Heart


In this photograph, I aimed to encapsulate the sense of spirit through colours, contrasts, and

expressions. My intention was to convey the feeling of hurt experienced by the subject. To achieve this, I selected a deep blue background, with connotations of sadness or emotion which seamlessly produces

a dreamy effect. Adding a vibrant touch of red serves to symbolize the glowing heart amidst the darkness. The model’s expression communicates a weight of sadness, drawing attention to the underlying reasons

for her heartache. I believe that colours possess the power to reveal one’s personality and emotions. As a photographer, my own sensitivity is reflected in this work, as the subject appears to be in a state of pain. Furthermore, the interplay of light and shadow underscores the theme of the image, with the background casting a shadow effect, signifying unnoticed things, while the illuminated heart serves to represent both trauma and an emotional connection. This prompts the viewer to highlight its significance with the surrounding darkness.

Anuoluwapo Abosede

Angel in the dark


In my art piece, I strive to weave a tapestry of enigma while maintaining a tangible context.

Colours are my chosen brushstrokes, guiding viewers through the narrative depths of each work, immersing them in the story it holds. The interplay of light and shadow evokes memories of my serene childhood, a time of innocence and ease. My upbringing granted me a unique perspective, fostering an appreciation

for life’s intricacies and imperfections. The Halo, a beacon amidst the darkness, symbolizes moments of clarity amid life’s confusion. Departing from convention, I endeavour to carve my own path, offering a glimpse of the extraordinary amidst the mundane. Colours breathe meaning into my creations, stirring emotions that grayscale imagery may miss. Motion blur, a subtle reminder of time’s ceaseless march, mirrors the swift pace of life’s unfolding narrative. Even amidst the chaos, beauty can be found, if only one dares to

look. Through my art, I invite you to journey with me, to discover the hidden truths that lie within the fleeting moments of existence.

Anu - Angel in the Dark.jpg
Aylin - Solice.jpg

Aylin Arslan



I’m a Scarborough girl and the bluffs have a special place in my heart. Sometimes, the bluffs

are busy like in the summer and oftentimes they are forgotten in the frigid winter. Like the bluffs, many things have seasons where they are forgotten; however, this piece shows that even when places and memories are forgotten by most, they are still there and there is still beauty in them. By choosing a monochromatic filter, I created a moody setting that was both peaceful and eerie. The elements of light and shadow were enhanced to convey the idea that even in dark times, there is a light that illuminates beautiful things. Furthermore, the shadows in the clouds and the highlights on the rocks make this a dramatic photo and this draws in viewers to interpret it and draw their own conclusions. There is solace in forgotten things and there is beauty in enjoying peace alone.

Finnin Mackay


Before we walked upon this earth, there was an endless winter that struck fear amongst all

the animals. Knowing that the heavens had fire, the animals decided to send a messenger up to The Great Grandfather Spirit. The Rainbow Crow, the most beautiful feathered bird amongst them all, offered to make the treacherous journey up to the heavens. For his bravery, The Great Grandfather Spirit rewarded the crow with the gift of fire. He carried the fire back down to the earth, but he was not the same as he once was. His

once gorgeous feathers scorched to black with only a hint of its once vibrant colours and his voice became rough and hoarse from all the smoke. This Anishinawbe story truly symbolizes the values of great bravery, selflessness and service, which is why I wanted to capture this story within my photo with the help of the fantastic fire performer, Scarlet Black. I truly want myself and others to live by these values as well

Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 1.06.09 AM.png
Noah - _user_brain_file_not_found_.jpeg

Noelanii Toro-Delancey


The definition of insanity: I took this photo with a three-second exposure and no tripod. I had the camera balanced on my knees, I was holding my breath, and something possessed me to zoom in on my subject while the shutter was open. I had no goal in mind, and yet the photography gods smiled upon me that day. The photo is out of focus, blurry, unclear, a vague notion at best, but enough to get the idea. The colours and the shadows are fractured and out of place, unbalanced and uncomfortable, which has always been my approach to art. I wanted to put my messy brain into a frame, and for the most part, I succeeded. It’s like an unresolved chord at the end of a song; it leaves a sense of instability. It fits into the theme because you have the obvious light being created in the photo, and this dark element of not knowing what the hell is going on. Credit to my friend Finnin Mackay, fellow photographer and unwitting model.

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