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Baarat Fashina

In this photograph, I captured my subject by not telling her I was going to take the photo before I did. I wanted to capture a real emotion at that very moment of her daydream and reveal something beautiful about her. For me, photography is about capturing and revealing emotions by making my subject the main character of its expression. Coming here every week, helped me understand how to take a photograph at that perfect moment, be it of a human being, animal or the elements.


Baqiat Fashina


With this photo, I wanted to capture my subject asking herself to reflect upon something going on in her life. Why? Capturing someone when they are thinking can reveal their real inner emotions and their dreams of what they feel at that instant in a particular time and place. Photography means a lot to me because it can do this. It offers the chance to understand a person in a new and different light, like a study of their reality dreaming. It gives me the opportunity to gather and construct a record of life through portraitures that I can also reflect upon.

Hadi Aalsayed


This shadow, holding the branch, is what the camera captured. Just as the roots extend into the ground to stabilize the lofty tree, the hand extends to cling to its dreams and begins to search for a way to achieve them. One of the things I learned in photography classes was to photograph shadows and how they create curious contrasts in black and white images. For me, shadows create a sense of mystery in the image, making the viewer think about the story of the image a little bit longer to better understand it and maybe draw inspiration from it. 


Havilah Nwachuku

To me, photography is a way of seeing more deeply into life. It is the way I communicate and the way I tell my story, my dreams. Most people find it very easy to share their problems with others, but it’s not that easy for me. So instead of talking and explaining, I capture images of brides, planes, cars, animals, nature, and sometimes pictures of myself. Photography gives me the freedom to imagine and see things differently. It helps me come to an understanding of my thoughts and feelings and those of others. Even though there are times of darkness, I’m able to be happy and grateful, since the light will always break through.

Hhuda Aalsayed

This picture was taken of a person, embraced by tree branches, shining under the sun, sailing in his dreams and inspiring us with him to sail in our dreams. Without taking these classes, I would not have been able to take this picture and convey these feelings as if I were there with this person. Feeling the warmth of the sun, the texture of the tree branches and all the colours is what I learned to see with an artistic eye, and then document them in one moment through photography. My hope is to feel a dreamer dreaming and that it remains a memory for us and inspires others.

Syeda Jamal.jpg

 Syeda Jamal

 I’ve always wanted to capture a moment that expresses life and/or my adventures clearly in one frame. A photo that could take me back to the very moment of when and why it was taken, much like a mental pause button, that only I can press to reenact that memory. This photo symbolizes something along the lines of “Humanity and Nature” and how both depend on each other to sustain life. Both can be fragile yet the most beautiful and mysterious of things. I wanted to capture how delirious or euphoric they can also be when coming together for me, something like an elated dream, the root of all possibilities and progress in my life today.

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