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Abigail Han


This image reflects the memories of my life transitioning from California to Canada. Snow was a big thing to me when I first arrived. It doesn’t snow in California and I liked snow so much when I came to Canada. 


In the creation of my image, I was inspired by an artist who also likes space and planets and I worked to create an image with a space theme that also reflects my life. Each planet represents a memory and time in my life. As the images move away from the camera, they shift in time away from my life in California to memories I made here in Canada. 


I love how my photo brought out my past through the planets and I hope people can develop a message of their own with what they see and feel.

Clerysse Yuen Agincourt Collegiate.jpg

Clerysse Yuen


TWhen I think of what this land means to me, memories of the places I occasionally visit come to mind. Then I think of how a stranger and I could have many memories of the same place. We stand on the same ground and are surrounded by the same air, but I am certain that our paths here differed greatly. I find it fascinating that there are an infinite number of ways to view art or a certain place. How could our memories join together and build how we see the land we live in today?I feel that the most important aspect of this land is nothing physical but the emotions and memories

Daanya Hyder

Lands of Contrast


Presenting these two photos as one exposes the juxtaposed landscapes that live in harmony around us. One side is man-made, grey, cold, and now polluted. On the other side, there is colour, natural beauty, and a sense of refreshment. The two opposite photos, now one, show the way humans have turned the beauty of nature into something hideous. It is important to recognize the beauty of our surroundings, which are usually neglected, and acknowledge nature before social issues such as pollution get out of control. If not managed now, the picture on the right will eventually become more like the picture on the left.

Daanya Hyder -  Agincourt Collegiate Institute.jpg

Freshta Alakoozai

Childhoods Footsteps


Growing up, my mom dropped me and my siblings off at my uncle's house every Saturday for sleepovers. My uncle's house is like my second childhood home. It was a big house and he had this big backyard. Me and my sister would play tag; and now, we've grown to sit on the patio. 


This reminds me that we've grown up without realizing the fun playful days we had as kids. My little sister who is now 10, reminds me of when I used to play in that same backyard. It is a little sad to me now knowing that we took advantage of that time and can never relive those days. Watching old videos at my uncle's house, it is such a nice feeling knowing I had such a fun childhood. Whenever I'm over we reminisce about those days. It's such a good reminder to be thankful and cherish the small moments because we never know what the future holds.

Hassan Aref

History of suburb areas

 For this project I chose to explore the fantastic and beautiful nature of Grange park in downtown Toronto. It is an old park that dates back to the 1800s! Despite this, the park looks phenomenally detailed and modern. I really love the greenery and the buildings in this park. It stands out from the other parks because none of them are that old and still look so great. So much detail has been put into this park. It’s fantastic and that is why I chose this photograph.

Screen Shot 2023-06-24 at 1.28.33 PM.png
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