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Dexter Taylor


I took this photo on da land💀 just outside of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories on Great Slave Lake. The photo is taken of a white fish that was caught in a fish net. I captured the photo and was really close to the fish. Lil man was saying fax


Jordan Kataluk

This photo was captured in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories walking along the Frame Lake Trail. I was walking, looked up saw this scenic view, it was taken on iPhone 12.

Narlie Dapilos


This photo was taken while walking on a trail in Jasper. No, the trail mix did not belong to me, rather, I could only assume that it was spilled by another. As I came across it, it felt as though it was meant to be. Meant to be photographed, by someone who thinks similar things to me. I was captivated by the humour of it all. Captivated by trail mix on a trail - captivated by things so small. Trail mix on a trail. Giving me vibes of nature returning to nature. Rather, a cyclical relationship of nature to human and human to nature. Trail mix, a thing whose ingredients originate from the land - a thing that was repurposed (processed) for human use, just laying there resting, on the land. As if it were showing the trail that they were two birds of a feather, that the trail was not just a trail in nature. But rather, their purpose was to create purpose for one another.


Tori Haogak

My photo is with me posing under the sun with a moving skidoo behind me. I was motivated to pose because the sun was shining and the skies were clear, my arms above me was a way for me to “showcase” the sun. My favorite type of photography is landscape photography and I think this photo represents the landscape and my personality pretty well.

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