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Ainsley Connors


When I began my research for this project, I resonated the most with the photographs of Todd Hido. I like to believe my photography is like his, and looking at his photos makes me realize how important simplicity and lighting are, and that’s always a nice reminder. One of the concepts of my photography,

I would say, is simplicity. I believe a lot of people, including me, don’t stop enough to appreciate all the smaller moments, like stopping to look at a sunrise or to stop and take a moment to appreciate just things in general. I plan and hope to explore more of the simplicities of life, as life can be very busy and hectic, so being able

to stop, take some photos, and share them is my way of reminding people it’s ok to stop and take a break.

Ainsley Connors.jpg
small - Brianna Locke final image.jpg

Brianna Locke


In my photography, I explore the timeless interplay of shadow and light. As an artist, I am deeply influenced by the beauty and intrigue found in everyday moments. Black & White photography inspiration comes from the works of fellow artists such as Fan Ho who uses the sun’s rays to create an eerie effect. I am

driven by a passion for aesthetics and the desire to create images that resonate with viewers. Photography allows me to capture fleeting scenes and transform them into lasting visual narratives. Each photograph

reflects my fascination with the delicate balance between darkness and illumination, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the captivating dance of light. Through my work, I seek to evoke emotions and prompt contemplation, encouraging viewers to discover beauty in the mundane. Ultimately, I aim to convey a sense of wonder and appreciation for the world around us, leaving viewers with a renewed perspective on

the power of shadow and light.

Bridget Smith



For this piece, I was inspired by To Kill a Mockingbird as it focuses on a girl’s childhood, where the days were long and spent playing. She also learns about wrongs in the world while she lives a great childhood and a man is on trial for a crime he did not commit. I created this piece to create a nostalgic dream feel or look, like the perfect place you would go to after you pass away. I gave it a warm and surreal look and used

stippling to give it a sense of the past. For me, I remember past events more magically and happier than they were. When I look back at the past, it is like a light because I know what is going to happen. The present and the future are more of a shadow because you don’t know what is going to happen.

Bridget's Final Photo.jpg
Dexter Hudecki - Final Image.jpg

Dexter Hudecki

Empty Echoes

In my photo I tried to capture the amazing dance of light at noon working with the shadows to make the space look abandoned. This dives into the idea of the passage of time as the offices in this building are now almost all abandoned. When I look at my photo, I like to think about how I can almost hear people

busily walking around me and the loud chatter that makes it seem as if you’re basically there, like you can hear the photo.

Elizabeth Palacios



I enjoy photographing anything really, and especially playing around with the light in an image. I hope other people will enjoy my photos as much as I enjoy taking them. This photo shows the refraction of light in the chandelier, creating wonderful mini rainbows. With all the many dents the glass has, the rainbow can spread to more places. These rainbows are the joy you can find even in the darkness — as long as you have some light.

Elizabeth Palacios.jpg

Emma Grinyer


I enjoy astrophotography, and so as part of my explorations for the Incubator Program, I took

this photograph of the moon. I find that this photo fits well with the theme of Shadow and Light. Not only is the moon a reflection of the sun, but we see its light illuminating the leaves and branches that surround it.

This photograph is meaningful because it’s one of the best astronomy photos I’ve ever taken. It was hard to choose just one photo; I loved all my options, but I feel this one gives the best look at how astrophotography can be displayed. I want people to see the beauty of astronomy and photography; they fit so well together.

The universe is massive; we don’t know what half of it truly looks like or even how big it is. This photo is just a slice of what the universe has inside of it. I’m a strong believer that the universe is made up of more than just us; who knows what else is out there?

Eric Nguyen

My approach to this project is to explore taking photos of nature and the environment that I am in, and how it can capture the colors, lights, and shadows within them. An artist named Rinko Kawauchi inspired me to take this photo. She shed light on the theme by revealing the mysterious and beautiful realm at the edge of the everyday world, bringing attention to very small details to her artwork. The environment that we are in, no matter where you are, there will always be shadows and light all around us. Natural elements such as water, wind, and even the time of day can all affect how shadows are cast, how light interacts with the subject, and how they can all create a beautiful image.

Eric Nguyen - Final Image.jpg

Evangiline Dblasi

My work is an examination of the different forms, and that what lies behind them. There is a sense of unpredictability and lurking outside. I put two of the photographs that I took while walking around my school together and I thought it looked cool. I struggled figuring out the shading of the light and how the shadow would play in my photograph, but I found a way that works.

Faerin Taylor

My art has always been inspired by horror, specifically the horror of humanity interfering with

the natural order of things.Because of this, I naturally gravitated towards night photography and liminal photography. Specifically, the work of Kane pixels and his unique view on the backroom concept, where it’s simply an unknown force failing to replicate human construction but also with something as simple as nostalgia being used to create fear. The empty, desolate shopping centers abandoned by man and adopted by the unknown are an example of this. To try to capture this concept, I used a run-down building with manmade

lighting barely illuminating the whole structure, and by using my subject with something as simple as removing their head and adding something to the window, I tried to create a feeling of unease. The main point I would like to get across is that we need to remember to always respect the area we are in, abandoned or not, because something is always there.


Jacob Bowerbank

Photography for me is turning places and objects around us into art, especially from angles that are not normally seen. This photo is a great example of how I executed an abnormal angle looking straight down at a pool table. I found I incorporated shadow and light perfectly in this shot utilizing the setting sun

to create such long shadows across the pool table. I chose to leave the color out of this photo to really emphasize and draw attention to the light hitting the board revealing all the scratches and marks over the years of people playing. I also like the aspect of mystery. Most people I showed this photo could not recognize

what exactly the shadows were, which is a tool I love to include in my photography.

Julia Russell


I chose this photo because it has a deep meaning to me and shows a hidden representation of

myself. I like to travel, and this photo was taken at the Mirabell Gardens when I went to Salzburg. Hobbies and interests can really express who you are as a person and determine your true aesthetic. To me, this photograph shows the side of me that appreciates nature and my traveling experiences. When I went to Salzburg, I took many pictures of different forms of nature like flowers, plants and bodies of water. As well as all kinds of famous monuments, museums and beautiful landscapes. But this one was chosen for my project because of the dark clouds in the sky, the scenery and the vanishing point. If you look closely in the

background, you can faintly see the Hohensalzburg Fortress at the very top of the mountain which was built in the year 1077. With the fortress in the background, it fulfills the historic meaning of this photograph.

Screenshot 2024-06-09 at 8.29.58 PM.png

Logan Taylor



For my pictures I want to use inspiration from the Yin Yang theory that there will always be

darkness in the light and light in the dark also. I love landscapes, so it’s used in my artwork a lot. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” — Martin Luther King Jr.

Mahingin Lamarr


I try to spend a lot of time outdoors and so I also like to take pictures of those places. This photo shows a piece of forest in Algonquin Park. It was near the end of our trip when I saw the sun peeking through the trees and captured this photo. I like the way the sun goes through the trees and the shadows lay across the forest floor. I hope that this image will encourage people to get outside!

Mahingan Lamarr - Final.jpg
Nikik Lamarr Final Image.jpg

Nikik Lamarr

The Lamp

This picture beautifully captures the rays of light during golden hour. I wanted to take a picture with a horizontal perspective rather than a vertical one as I feel the picture looks much better in thirds, displaying

a beautiful balance of colors that complement each other well. I like how this picture has varying shades, there are darker bolder shadows but also “light” shadows.

Paige Matlhare

“God Save the Queen.”

Documenting my surroundings is something that I’ve always loved doing. Statues, buildings, and street art are some of my favourite things to capture. I am a big fan of how older cities like Hamilton have a collision of different architectural aesthetics and how you can tell the year things were constructed. For example, a church downtown has clear Gothic inspiration, and some buildings are classic brownstone — the same thing with memorials and statues. I specifically chose to photograph the statue of Queen Victoria

because it clearly shows how interlocked Canada and the United Kingdom are.We could have built a statue of the first mayor of Hamilton or the first Prime Minister of Canada, but instead, we chose a symbol of a monarchy from which we have detached ourselves. We have our constitution, parliament, prime minister, identity, and freedom, yet we still need to be part of the Commonwealth. It doesn’t matter if most of Canada’s

population doesn’t see the monarchy in a positive light. We will forever be seen as the offspring of England.

Screenshot 2024-06-09 at 8.40.24 PM.png

Poppy Lovell



My goal for this project was to shed light on a social issue that is very important to me. I believe it is imperative to raise awareness about women’s suffering. Misogyny, whether it be on a micro or macro level, is commonly found in many works of gothic literature; dark and alarming instances of violence against women are frequent. I put my subject in gothic makeup to create a darker atmosphere and put a twist on

this concept. Rather than Gothicism being associated with violence and harm upon women, I wanted it to promote a meaningful message that contradicts its common tropes. Another source of inspiration for my work came from the album cover for “Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret” by Soft Cell. The bright colours mangled with shadow create a striking image, which is what I was hoping to capture in my work. Ultimately, I hope the message in my project clings to the mind of viewers. Women all over the world are suffering; if there is no action, women in your life may be at risk.

Riley Walsh

City Under Night’s Spotlight

For my first Flash Forward, I wanted to create a piece personal to me and my memories. I always try to find one central light source, and the one I have wanted to use lights up our night sky, The Moon. The Moon casts a spotlight on our city and breathes through the night; through windows, streetlamps, and

headlights, it’s a spotlight and sight that impacts everyone. People need to seek out these sights and seek out memories personal to them. Reflection and observation can drive inspiration to endless places. The more creativity in the world, the better.

RileyCity Under Night's Spotlight.jpg
toosmallSemaSalem .jpg

Sema Salem


I am someone who loves to create art that connects to my emotions, that speaks to me, and that allows you to see from a different perspective. I tend to make art that has a deep meaning for me personally and is often on the darker side most of the time. For this work, I was Inspired by my age. I am eighteen, and

thinking of my childhood memories inspired me to take a photo in a park. I spent a lot of time in parks when I was young; and for me, the park symbolizes childhood. Although the park is usually vibrant and colourful, I decided to take the photo in black and white to situate this place in the past. I felt like this message relates to the theme of Light and Shadow, where the shadows could be our adulthood, and our light would be our childhood. However, for some people, it will be the opposite.

Taeya Thomspon

Hidden Shadows

Creating a positive impact has always been something that I have aspired to do. When creating art, I like to create the piece not only for myself but for others as well. I want others to be able to view my art and connect it with something or someone in their life. My piece aims to shed light on the “inner shadows”

that many individuals deal with on their own. After viewing my work, I would like people to realize that they are not alone when it comes to what they are going through, and they do not have to keep their struggles

hidden away.


Talina Meawasige-Jenner



I took this image to showcase the Total Solar Eclipse of April 8th, 2024. I wanted to display how amazing this event was, and I’m truly grateful I had gotten to experience it for myself. For the people who unfortunately missed it, I hope my photo captured part of what they could not see.

William Curnew


When I go out to take photos, sometimes I have an idea in mind. When I saw the house, I was

surprised to notice the light hitting at a nice angle, making the shadows come out well — a nice subject for a photo. I like giving my photos a cinematic look; with this photo, I gave it a dark and gloomy aesthetic that hints at a story being told. Something could’ve happened behind that door, and it’s up to the viewer to decide what happened.

Xavier Detlor - Final Image.jpg

Xavier Detlor


I intend on showing the light within the environment/nature. I’m hoping that my photos of nature will bring hope and/or happiness to people and maybe get them to think differently of nature or even themselves. Hiroshi Sugimoto used darkness with light popping and using the same idea I selected a dark background and

made the main object in the picture really pop out using lightroom. For the shadow part of my photograph, I edited the photo a little to make the dark background darker to show the shadow theme of the shadow

and light.

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