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Charlie Muha 

A Stump

This image serves as a reminder of the history behind nature, that every stump and leaf we see is a product of centuries of growth and evolution before us. Despite the appearance of isolation between the different things outside, they are all interconnected through their shared histories. I ask that you take a minute to appreciate this stump, in all of its flaws and creases, and to imagine the stories that detail its life (and death).

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Zain Husain

Debt to the Land


Photography is a vessel by which we can fix eternity in a moment, as Cartier-Bresson once said. A photograph for me is an impossibly significant method of capturing reality as is and still able to tell unique stories. “Debt to the Land” is a collage of pictures taken with a point-and-shoot camera, to snap something that resonated with me instantaneously rather than plan something out.

We share this land with nature, with those who were here before us. The responsibility to care for this land is intrinsic, and yet we mock it by using nature itself to destroy the very thing we descend from. We build wooden telephone poles larger than trees themselves, we try to divide greenery, we tessellate cement and trap the soil underneath, but nature will always remind us of where we stand. It will always cast its shadow, and it will always find a way to leave its legacy, because this land is one we share with nature and humanity will always be indebted to it.

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