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Caitlyn White

Impermanence; the place we found ourselves


In this image I have explored conveying my own unique and individual view of this land, and found a way to creatively display my identity using both photography and poetry. To explain my perspective of this world and the place that I live, I have used not only my words, but a view of the landscape through my eyes. I wanted to create my own way of storytelling by simply capturing the beauty I see around myself and in nature. This opportunity has allowed me to share my creative freedom for others to see and to reflect on my personal ideas. I want my peers to find connections between their own lives and mine. To discover their own view of this land, to relate, and to feel heard as environmental, artistic minds of this generation.

Caitlyn White.jpg

Eric Wang

Collage of a City


Cities are vast. Buildings soar and span the horizons dwarfing the people within. It was hard deciding how to frame such a big subject into a singular image that both demonstrates its effects on people that live within its vast beauty. I decided to combine those buildings that to me, defined Vancouver’s shape and personality all into one image. A collage was the natural choice that I made, as I moved, cut, and aligned these massive yet beautiful structures around my composition. Strolling through downtown, looking for these unseen alleys and interesting perspectives were a joy to me, with every photo adding to my final finished work. I hope that you will realize too, the beauty inherent in your city as well.

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