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Alex Whan

I spent half of my life growing up in downtown Hamilton, Ontario and spent a lot of time seeing the steel factories polluting the air. I always wondered what it would look like if there was nature, instead of factories. I loved being with nature growing up, especially camping with my family. I remember feeling so sad when I moved here constantly seeing the pollution, and experiencing the effects of poor air quality. What influenced me was my love for art, combined with my love for nature. What I want people to take away from my work is to see what the world would look like if nature was able to take control, grow back, and flourish like it used to.

Alex Whan FINALimage.jpeg
Alexander Mitchell -3_edited.jpg

Alexander Mitchell


This photo reflects who I am because it brings out my dreams. In my dreams, everything is very unrealistic. Fish flying in the sky is very unrealistic, but the added realistic background also shows my real life. Together it brings ‘dream’ me and ‘realistic’ me together.

I believe that this photo will help others tap into their dreamy side because it can make you think about what's going on in your dreams so to better understand them. I also hope this photo inspires others to create something that mixes their dreams and reality together that will open up people's minds to new ideas.

Ciara Ross


I wanted to create a photograph that people would look at and think it is beautiful. My image is a picture of a sunset, that I took when I was feeling upset. I feel like every time I see a sunset is just so beautiful and makes me feel so much better. I feel it connects to the theme of 'dreamers' because sunsets are very dreamy and you know things you picture in your dreams. I  decided to use photoshop for my image using a photo I took with my phone and incorporating some butterflies flying into the sky; basically letting go of the stressful days, letting the stress fly away as the sun was setting, and then starting a new day fresh.


Ela Ningayam

I chose this as my final work because I have never created something amazing like this before, so I’m happy that I was able to do this with all the different details. I love it. I used Google to research many examples of digital photo editing and then I created my own. Even though it was hard, I tried my best and I came up with something that I like, especially the colours and the background layers. The picture is a self-portrait in a setting that is very surreal, as in a dream.

Emma Gilchrist

My dream is to have a cleaner local environment.  This could be achieved by people putting in more effort to stop littering. We need to keep the world clean so we can have more dreams for the future. A lot of people believe that one piece of litter hardly makes a difference,  but by the way, it stands out in my photo. you can see the huge effect it can make.

Emma Gilchrist final image.jpeg
Ethan Neudorf FINAL IMAGE.jpg

Ethan Neudorf



I am a very reserved person and if people want to get to know me they have to spend time with me and ask a lot of questions. My photography reflects this because it is abstract and you don’t know what it means immediately. You need to spend time with it and ask questions.


On a photo walk, I saw a sewer and took a photo of the inside because It looked cool. Other people may look down a sewer and say “ wooooweeeee that’s nasty” but when I saw it, I thought that it looked mysterious. You don’t know what’s down there or where it goes. As people look at my art I want them to leave with a feeling that not everything needs to be solved.

Faido Peter
I created this work because I’m interested in nature. When I work, I’m generally inspired by other artists. For this piece, I was inspired by Antonio Privietra. I used my phone camera to take a photo of the street outside of my school. This work’s meaning, it’s whatever the viewer sees.

Faido Peter FINAL IMAGE_edited.jpg

Jacob Hartt
'Long Walk Home'

I created the work I did because anthropomorphic artwork has always been an interest of mine and I wanted to create some good designs and characters of my own. I do anthropomorphic art because I can create some of my favourite mythical creatures similar to what I used in the picture, which was an eastern dragon. I used a dragon in the picture is because I feel that out of my characters, it matches my personality the most. I created the work I did so that people can imagine it in many ways like: “I am walking home from a date”, or “he’s just having a nice evening walk and heard some great news. I wanted people to relate to the work personally, and that’s one of the reasons why I chose to do this project the way I did.

Madison Reid
'A whimsical evening'

My picture is inspired by watercolour, the darker part is like a silhouette of a busy carnival on a weekend evening with a bright coloured sunset. Christopher Russell was also my other inspiration as he does a lot of sunsets. I also really like sunsets because of the bright colours in the sky.


Mary Courtoreille
'The Sun is Gone'

I think it is funny.

Samantha Hartt
'Shadows of the Unknown'
My work was inspired by a dream that I had about my Nana who passed away from stage 4 cancer and COVID 19. In this dream, I was alone in her apartment building and she kept calling my name. The strange thing is that this partially happened to me in real life as well as in the dream. When it comes to me making art I try to get every detail and try my best to be a perfectionist. But that is something that will never be possible since perfection does not exist in the real world. When I was making this piece, I was aiming to recreate my real-life experience that was so similar to my dream, blurring the conscious with the subconscious.

SamanthaHart - toosmall.jpg
Sarah General FINAL IMAGE.jpg

Sarah General
We always think about an alien invasion but we’ve never taken the time to show what we think it would look like. When doing this project, instead of doing a dream concept, I did a nightmare concept. Looking around my neighbourhood I noticed a lot of old and creepy buildings that I liked the look of. I found that doing a nightmare theme was a lot easier than doing a dream concept. I prefer drawing and painting but for this project, I decided to try Photoshop because I’ve never used it before. For all of my other art projects, I’ve never done one like this. I tend to work spontaneously so I never really have a theme, just painting and drawing what I feel. I would like people to look at this photo and think about what they imagine an alien invasion could look like.

Tiana Activity3 FINAL IMAGE.jpg

Tiana Mayen
The theme of Dreamers made me think about this movie called ‘Love and monsters’, specifically this one scene with the sky jellies. While watching that scene in the movie it made me feel like I was in a dream because of how ethereal it was. For this work, I decided to use that movie scene as a reference. Doing that led me to create a piece of art that I think is mystical. This work is personal to me because I absolutely love the eternal effect photos have on me and other people as well. That is why I decided to try and create my own ethereal photo and I am thrilled with the result of the photo.

Sara Russell

The theme of “Dreamers” made me think about my dreams, a place that’s magical and colourful. As you can see I have added a lot of colours to my artwork. I also chose a Disney theme because Disney World is magical to me. Since I was a little kid, Disney World was my dream. One year, I finally went and it was my younger selfs’ dream come true. When I make work, I usually use paint or markers and draw physically. For this piece I used photoshop, so I could learn different things and use a different genre of art. I learned how to add layers and crop pictures and make things look realistic in the image I took of the sky out outside my window. With this work, I hope to let other artists try something they have never done before, such as, use different materials while creating artwork or another genre of art.

Sara Russell FINAL IMAGE.JPG.jpg
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