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Benjamin Fisher

Princess Margaret Mountain

I enjoy photography for the plain reason of my fascination with how all the components of a camera, as well as the elements work together to create one single beautiful image. The simple elegance of a mountain creates an alluring subject with nearly infinite possibilities for a composition. The added experience of just being surrounded by the mountains is also just an incredible feeling. I’ve seen and admired a lot of work from Ansel Adams in the past, but this project gave me the opportunity to really look at how his use of line, shape, form and texture really work together to make them the way we are. He obviously didn’t have a choice between whether he wanted to shoot in colour or black and white, but I think black and white better shows the contrast between light and dark. I want people to just be able to view my work and realize what’s

out there in the world, waiting to be explored. The simplest things can often bring forward the most.

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14.Frieda Bardhi copy.jpg

Frieda Bardhi

dancing with your ghost

The feeling of loss of a loved one can truly be felt and understood by all. For this project,

I created an image about how it felt to still be holding on to someone who ultimately left too soon and the sheer dream-like state it feels like to be attached to them. In my photography, I look to invoke emotions in

others that they may not know they were feeling. To dig deep into a moment and explore it. For this work, I wanted to capture a surreal melancholy feeling that could be understood by anyone viewing it and to connect people with a universal yet somber experience. You are not alone.

Jacob Crawford

‘Celestial Revelry’


In my photography, I fuse my passion for nerdy trinkets, Marvel, and Star Wars, creating whimsical narratives with toys as the protagonists. Each image is a unique blend of imagination and reality, inviting viewers to explore the playful intersection of my interests. In Celestial Revelry, Guardians of the Galaxy action figures embrace the holiday spirit, spotlighting their human side. Star Lord and Drax adorn Groot as a festive tree, with Rocket eagerly awaiting surprises. This playful scene contrasts their public superhero spotlight

with private, relatable moments in the shadows. Celestial Revelry invites reflection on the balance between the normal and the abnormal, celebrating joy even in darkness

18.Jacob Crawford.jpg
22.Jade Leblanc.jpg

Jade LeBlanc

To Nights Long Gone, Not Forgotten

My name’s Jade LeBlanc, I’m an artist still in high school and I’m a pretty big introvert. I practice

digital art, photography and voice acting. I often feel safest at night, almost like the dark slows my mind and wakes me up. Feeling alone and free from others judgment, but not lonely. So, when I go out at night, I find these beautiful nooks and crannies, my own little sanctuaries where I can finally be me. High contrast photography; the ones that aren’t technically great, hit the closest to me. So, in the image I use this to show the beautiful juxtaposition that comes to life at night. My main message was to show that you can build safe

places for yourself and the beautiful inner life that comes alive with feeling alone.

Jimmy Zeng

Cassiopeia Constellation Above the Northern Lights

Astrophotography lets me join my love for science and astronomy with my love for photography. I enjoy the idea of using my camera to help me see things that otherwise would never be visible, such as dim stars, planets and even the brightest galaxies. Photographing the stars and doing amateur astronomy

in general helps me understand the world around me. For example, I can plan to take a picture of the planet Venus and the crescent moon in the morning, and when I get to my location and look up… I really get a grasp of the size of the solar system. Seeing things for yourself is definitely a different experience than reading

books or watching videos. Just the process of getting out and taking the photograph is more than worth it for me. I want to share my photographs with others because I want to give others a sense of the scale of the universe, especially now with much of the world’s population living under light polluted skies.

Puddle - Krishiv Golwala - Westmount Charter School.jpg

Krishiv Golwala


A lot of my work is centered around night photography. Going downtown after sunset and capturing the final hours of the workday is a major source of inspiration for me. Did I climb to the top of a building to get the shot? No I didn’t, in fact the intersection doesn’t physically exist at all. Technology has really come a long way, especially in recent times. To me, the theme Shadow and Light is all about the little details; the workings behind the scene. And this, Inspires me to make creations with intrinsic details which would be

missed at first glance.

Sam Chinprahat

A small package

I’ve always been captured by the beauty of art. Since being a kid, I’ve adored beautiful compositions and have slowly explored my own abilities within those areas as well. Now, I strive with a passion to create meaningful pieces and artistic interpretations through creative writing or photography. Since being introduced to photography, it’s always dawned on me how ridiculously easy yet perfect being a photographer is. You see something you think looks beautiful and after an adjustment of some numbers and a click of a button, it’s in your hands. As I work to enhance my skills, Incubator seemed like a terrific chance to execute this idea, with a creative twist. With this photograph, I’ve warped reality to show a different side to the simplest of things. I wanted the audience to see, with our imagination, how we can alter the meaning of treasures we hold dear to something extraordinary.

33.Sam Chinprahat  .jpg
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