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Bethany Williams

'She Holds The Cards'


I am not a good photographer. I have little comfort and skill with using cameras, lighting, photoshop etc. I am, however, very good at looking at things in a different light. Often spontaneously. Most of my dreams (and nightmares) reflect this as they are often a perversion of reality with no real direction. This photo was once a simple portrait of my friend as she dealt out cards. My brain saw differently. Many people see different things in my work. What do you see?


Desmond Lam

'Unlatched story'


This still-life photo encapsulates an open story waiting to unfold from an old, worn out and unlatched book. The “Imperfect” background was to display the origins of the book and how the story is seeping through the unsealed book. Much thought was put into the way that the ribbon guides the direction throughout the picture and back to the book. At the end of the ribbon it points to, the book has a slight lift in the corner, signalling that it has been used and almost done, but still has a blank page to finish. A sealed story can always be opened and continued, all you need to do is unlatch the seal.

Keting Trinh



When the world is turned upside down and the midnight oil burnt out. When a new day begins to dawn and the scent of morning dew infuses the air. When warm rusted hues go from a nuisance to nostalgia. A rekindled hope arises, with novel dreams just over the horizons; seemingly impossible, improbable, yet always within reach. 

Rachel Luo.jpg

Rachel Luo

'A Path in a Reflection'


Dreams reflect the past and present while conveying endless possibilities. Dreamers can enter a world that is a mixture of imagination and reality. It can be something that touched them or some hope for the future and longing for the past. I wanted to use water to show how dreams mirror the thoughts of dreamers, and how they create a remote yet close atmosphere. The dark shadows of the trees are like the anxious thoughts of the future, so the water is not completely still with tiny ripples here and there. I wanted to have the duck facing and moving towards the bright skies to convey the hope that dreamers have as well. The tree points to it as if it was a guide. I hoped to create an appealing and reflective landscape photograph that demonstrates one of the many aspects of dreamers.

Yung-Chi Liu

'Reaching Towards'
When I think of the word, “dream” I think of clouds and the sky, like something high up that we desire and reach for. I used the sun rays as a visual representation of the “dream” a person reaches for and used clouds for the mood and feelings a child feels while working towards their dream. For example, moody or calm for overcast clouds. I wanted my image to give some courage to the dreams that many people tend to give up on. To me, I see this as giving a part of oneself up and living in the expectations of others. I believe every person should have a chance to live the kind of life they want to live and not continue to keep it as a faraway thought when feeling discouraged or absurd about their dream.

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