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Ayesha Koya



Ihe theme of dreamers made me think about the happiness you get from dreaming. The thought of not really seeing people or things physically, but knowing they're there. I wanted to show the feeling you get when you wake up from a dream that slowly disappears. I decided to use my sister's photo for this piece. I selected a cool colour palette because I wanted to make it look like snow; because snow slowly melts away and disappears, like our dreams do. This work is personal to me because it's a photo of my sister and it reminds me of her smile and happiness.

Fatima resized_edited.jpg

Fatimah Hatia



I started by taking this photo of Ms.McCalla walking alone in the forest. As I took a closer look at the image, I just saw the potential it had once edited. I choose the colours partly because when I think about dreams, it reminds me of my childhood and how I remember that it was very vivid and bright. And because in dreams, most things are not how we see them in the real world, I wanted to incorporate that into my work.  I chose to illuminate the path to show that everyone has their own path and to show the surrealism of dreams. Lastly, I added a glow around the person to show that everyone has their own glow.

Kulsoom Dorya

'Galaxy on Earth'


To me, the work I have created represents surrealism and something out of this world to me. I wanted to go beyond what the eye can see. I made this artwork to show that lights and objects can feel very dream-like. Dreams do not only consist of cartoon-like thoughts, they consist of anything your mind can create. What inspired my work was galaxies. Bringing in harsh lights and images you see in “superhero” movies. I want my audience to see a galaxy right here on earth. I want them to take away a feeling of surrealism, beyond the thought that dreams can only consist of soft rainbows or thought like paradise. Dreams are more than that. Dreams can be anything we desire.


Salmah Shaikh

'The Unknown'


I made this artwork to represent that dreams are unknown. I used my little brother as a subject to show that we have the same experiences in our dreams at any age: the emptiness, the loneliness, and the void, just like in space. I created a double exposure of my brother to represent the sensation one feels when existing in between sleep and being awake. This feeling that one has in the in-between reminds me of the black void in space; a deep black endless background with stars.



I wanted to incorporate shapes related to the galaxy such as stars, planets and clouds. I tend to swirl often while I'm doodling and drawing. Adding swirls to this is my way of adding something that I do subconsciously to something that is meaningful. Adding something I have drawn into my piece is meaningful because sketching and drawing are what I do when I need to think and create. At first, I was interested in creating something related to space but as I was working I started to go towards another idea. I put that idea to the side and created something spiritual because of the swirls, geometric shapes and rays coming from the sun. To me, spiritual means something that is important,  such as sunsets and landscapes. It also means something that I do often without knowing, like adding shapes and swirls.

Sahar Hamidullah

'Inner Self'


I created this work because I’m interested in double exposure photography. With this work, I was inspired by the idea of people’s inner selves and what they choose to show others. I wanted to show the contrast between the outer self and the inner self. Our outer self is what we present to the world, and we usually try to only show our best. In contrast to our outer self, our inner self is our true feelings, values, thoughts, and personality. And I think that dreams reflect on our personal perspectives and beliefs.

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