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Abi Craven




I often try to pass the time or make my thoughts spin gentler by trying to give attention to as

many small beautiful details hidden throughout my day as I can — I often find myself paralyzed with my eyes to the ground, it’s important to remember how much we miss out on when we live inside our heads. This photo is of a woman’s sculpture, who I discovered while I was out applying for jobs. She had a sign outside

pointing towards the second floor. I was intrigued and was amazed to find the most interesting pieces of art I had seen in a while. Something about the unsettling dramatic poses and unworldly appearance struck me. I feel like these creatures could really be alive in the forests.

Screenshot 2024-06-09 at 9.10.00 PM.png
Dexter Kennedy B_W Collage Print.jpg

Dexter Kennedy




For the most part I’ve focused on visual arts like drawing and painting, but recently I’ve found

them quite stale, and have moved towards experimenting with mediums I have less experience with like collage and sculpture. That is the impetus for this piece. I chose to use only the clippings of fax machine advertisements as a constraint because limitation is the mother of creativity and because of the inherent fun in cutting and pasting advertisements. The only message I intend the piece to convey is that I had fun making it.

Jacob Dycke

Memory of a Night Ride Home


My photo, ‘Memory of a Night Ride Home,’ showcases the lights seen in man-made environments during night time. Through this image, I aim to capture the memories of my childhood night rides home,

sitting in my grandmother’s car. When editing the photo, I increased the contrast to make the night scene stand out against the dark background, then I added a second blurred layer to enhance the glow of the lights. I captured my image from the back of a streetcar, allowing for a direct view of the road. My camera is a Panasonic DMC-LS75 point-and-shoot camera from 2008, as it was within my budget and it’s what I had available. My photography journey began with the DMC-LS70, a hand-me-down from my mother who used it to capture all of my childhood photos. While they may not be the most advanced cameras, their affordability and simplicity make them accessible, and easy to shoot with. Additionally, old point-and-shoot cameras offer a beautiful lo-fi aesthetic that perfectly suits the nostalgic feel I strive to achieve in my photos.

JacobDycke-Memory of a Night Ride Home .jpg
Jules Grilo-Buffy Collage.jpg

Jules Grilo




I don’t normally have a style with the art I make, but this specific collage was inspired by one

of my favourite shows growing up, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I want viewers to know that the shows you enjoy watching can be the inspiration for art you create. Buffy was the driving force behind my creation. I always liked the idea of vampires and different types of monsters so taking inspiration from that show

and creating art out of it opened my eyes to the different types of art I can create and connect with. I’ve always enjoyed learning how to create new things and making art that looks cool and is inspirational. In my art piece, I used different versions of Buffy and added some visual context of what you can expect from watching the show. I’m hoping viewers that see my art piece are also fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! It is an incredible show to watch!

Maysara Moore B_W Collage Print.jpg

Maysara Moore

Lost Memories


I started my piece by finding bright images I thought would contrast well when changed to black and white. Most of the bright pictures I found had words following a similar theme of resistance to something, like “KEEP OUT” and “NEVER AGAIN”. After seeing those images I realized I wanted to use them to relay a

message. I added the neighborhood, empty tunnel, and trees to contrast with the modern escalator and road full of cars. It all came together without me thinking about it in much detail and my message seemed to grow out of it. Gentrification is something I’ve seen happen in my neighborhoods. Playgrounds and fields

I’d run on as a child are being turned into small modern houses, selling for millions. Trees and gardens were destroyed to make room for parking lots and plazas. It’s hard to see places from your childhood turned into concrete jungles, memories start fading when nothing looks the same as you remember.

Maya Galoustian




The art I make shows the beauty I see through my eyes. I’m inspired to capture the beauty of

everything around me. When I traveled to Italy and Armenia last summer, I was inspired by nature, the culture and history everywhere. Photography has fascinated me with the way people create and capture moments.

My grandma took my brother and I on a day trip to an old town in Armenia. As we walked around we passed by a unique statue, it was a thoughtful little girl sitting on a bench alone. I saw myself in that statue and it inspired

me to take the photo. I want people to look at my work, be inspired and come up with ideas of things they can photograph. At the end of the day it is your work and your imagination. Our mind can create beautiful things and that is why taking this photo and photography in general, inspires me and I want other people to see through their eyes as well.

Maya Galoustian-Tabrizi B_W Collage Print.jpg

Ty Clarke


I took this picture in January of 2023, I was in Miami for my 16th birthday and was visiting an

area called “Wynwood Walls”. When I first took my photo I was kind of just being a tourist and taking photos of anything I found remotely interesting. December of 2023, I was looking through my photos again and came across the photo. Looking at it again, I found it much more interesting. The little excerpts of text in the

positive space along with many other interesting pieces of this image. Like the motorcycle in the bottom left and the use of skeletons and a knight. I particularly love the contrast between the negative letters and the

positive background. The one thing that I love most about this image is the fact t

Stephanie Ripley



I chose these images because they all interested me. I chose a picture of a woman with a crown because I like crowns and a picture of a mask because I like masks and I thought they both looked very cool. I chose the other pictures of supervillains and superheroes because I like superheroes and villains. I chose a picture of a subway because I like taking the subway. I chose a picture of a brick wall because I like

brick walls and a picture of somebody petting a cat because I love cats. I chose a picture of somebody on something up high because it reminded me of myself. I like to be high up on things doing whatever I want. I hope people think it’s intriguing and cool.

Screenshot 2024-06-09 at 9.26.27 PM.png
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