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Nazgol Zakerameli

'Dare to Dream'


Living through a global pandemic, along with various social justice movements and the ever-present effects of climate change, people have been influenced in different ways. At a time when the future is murky, those like myself who are at pivotal points in their lives, may not have any idea who they are or who they want to be. With endless questions from people who surround me regarding the future and the pressure to follow through with dreams that were never my own, it has put immense pressure on me and my path to discovering my own identity. This sense of a lack of control, and the pressure to “reach for the stars” is sometimes overwhelming. My work reflects this chaos and the pressure that modern-day society puts on people and their dreams. I wanted to demonstrate the feeling most of us share: that we are constantly chasing so-called “dreams” until we find they were never ours to begin with.


Shaylee Halali

'A Child’s Dream'


We are born dreamers. The colourful bubbles represent both our realistic and unrealistic dreams;  in this case, the dreams of a young girl. The blue bubble she is holding signifies her realised dream, something all of us can achieve if we work hard enough. The heart not only draws attention to the young girl but represents her heart. I took the photo at the beach because not only is the beach a beautiful place, but it inspires us to dream. Something that is always good for the soul.

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