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Anouk Watson

'Shiny Teeth'

The impact of conscious and subconscious messages on our existence in the waking world is a point of departure for my piece. The transformation of the invisible, internal self and the external manifestation of identity are themes that I am driven to explore by my personal experiences as a witness to tumultuous and evolving landscapes. 


Transparency and reflection juxtapose and yet perfectly compliment each other like waking and sleeping, they ground us in the material world. I layer images with different qualities, such as light and darkness, to express the relationships between surrounding and harboured landscapes as well as each layer of identity. The concept of revisiting observational images, in the way that we revisit snapshots of time or fleeting memories, greatly interests me. Through my process of transformation, I am driven to create images that ask the viewer to reflect on their own transformative existence in abstract and actual spaces.

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