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Aiden Swayze

The reason I created this image was the inspiration I gained from George Perez’s work. I selected these three images because I feel that they represent life in three forms. This image feels the most personal to me because it speaks to me more than any other of my photos.

aiden swayze_1.jpg
Andres Final Image_1.jpg

Andres Solorzano



Some people get too caught up chasing their dreams, and they keep trying to achieve them just to have them slip from their grasp and to fall into a pool of longing, self-pity, sadness, and despair.

They should learn that while; even though we try our hardest, we do not always get what we want. we should accept what we have and know that it is perfectly all right to chase our dreams, but we cannot allow our dreams to become obsessions.

With my photograph, I want to show the perspective of someone obsessed with their dreams and who has failed to achieve them. To show the sadness and longing one would have. It also serves as a warning about obsessively following a single dream or ideology for it can twist and alienate you from those you care about.

Cynthia Langerak

'Perceived Indifference'


I enjoy deciphering the meaning behind art pieces or photographs, and I find when you are able to interpret your own views or ideas on what the piece represents or means it can make the artwork more special or heartfelt to you. I found this particular photo interesting since the statue’s expression does not show much of how she may be truly feeling inside and from what I’ve interpreted I believe that the photograph is portraying how we as humans have a hard time in general explaining or expressing our own emotions and thoughts, so we, therefore, might conceal how upsetting a situation may really be to us and instead pretend or make certain circumstances seem less upsetting than they truly are. 

Ethan McPhee Final Image_1.jpg

Ethan McPhee

I see photography as a way of expressing your emotions as well as creativity. Personally, I like to base my photos on ‘tone’, whilst also incorporating other elements. For my Flash Forward Project, I really wanted to recreate a scene from the 1940s. Obviously, that would mean I drew a ton of inspiration from the time period, so I made sure that I didn’t have any “modern” looking clothes or vehicles. Throughout the whole project, my photography skills were tested, and I was constantly learning new techniques and lessons.

Hayder Abbasi

Nothing gives me greater peace than a long, vacant gaze at nature. Most of my art includes nature; it can be used to explain almost any feeling. As I created this image, I asked myself, “Where does my mind go while I dream?” The answer to that question was “Everywhere.” My mind simply wanders off and thinks a million different thoughts while at the same time being almost completely vacant... If that makes any sense.  The image I created was an attempt to show how your mind just wanders off curiously when dreaming. Think about what it's like to take a random stroll. You’re walking with no destination, just observing everything that passes you by, walking simply for your own pleasure. 

Hayder2-3 (3).jpg
Jackson Ramsay Final Image_1.jpg

Jackson Ramsay

For this work, I decided to take a simple photo and edit it, so it looks like a funky dream. I was not inspired by any artist; I was inspired by a dream I had. I tried my hardest to recreate what I saw in my dream. What I saw was a forest, but it was all swirled up. This photo is important because it was a dream that was really stuck in my head; I was always questioning what I saw. So, I finally tried to recreate it; I just went to the park, and from there it was not hard. I created this work because I'm interested in funky things, not just street photography.

Jesse Sheweli
I like exploring ideas like nature, abandoned buildings, places or things that make me feel a sense of déjà vu. Dreams can be bizarre and hard to interpret, I’m always wondering how it relates to our own lives. In my photograph, I wanted to create something that’s just as confusing as a dream by editing with photoshop and trying to create a dark hazy look. I wanted my photographs to have a grainy look and keep the viewer guessing.

Final Image - Jesse S_1.jpg

Josh Herbert Grootenboer

A lot of people say that dreams have meaning, whether it be stress or something missing in your life. When I have dreams, the events that take place don't make any sense and seem to go from event to event, not relating to each other in any way. This is what I tried to replicate in this photo, there is no correlation with any of the components of the photo and there is no clear message relating to any of them. It is just a confusing mess that you can try and put together but you're not going to find anything.

Nyah Hincks
 'Orange Castaway'

For my project what inspired me was a dream I had about a month before we got assigned this project. My dream was very vividly in black and white, the only thing that was in colour was myself. It was a very cool and lucid experience to be in, and when I heard about this project, I knew instantly I wanted to do sort of the same thing. The definition of a dream is a cherished aspiration, but in my head, a dream is what you make of it and how you interpret it, a dream can be anything. My dream is to stand out and not blend in with everyone else.

Nyah Final Image_1.jpg

Victoria Huynh
'Shadows of the Unknown'
The theme Dreamers made me think about the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?". The way that parents/adults think that teenagers know everything already inspired me to create my work. I really like doing physical art, there were endless possibilities; it was hard for me to pick what I wanted to create but my teacher Mr. McQuestion helped me narrow down my choices. (Thank you!) I wanted colour to show emotion. Grey symbolizes confusion and black symbolizes anxiety and the unknown, as I discovered on Google.  Like a teenager's emotions, there's a lot of confusion, fear of the unknown, anxiety, and then there are the little spicules of sensitivity, peace and many other things. I titled my artwork “Shadows of the Unknown” because it’s my point of view that we as teenagers don’t know ourselves, yet parents/adults want us to know about the world. Overall, I want you to take this work as a note to reflect on yourself, how you treat others and your mental health.

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